What Is Salt Water Magic? (Saltwater Pool Liquid)

What Is Salt Water Magic? (Saltwater Pool Liquid)

Salt Water Magic is a liquid product specifically designed for pools with chlorinators. A 33.9 fl. oz. (1 L) bottle treats a pool up to 20,000 gal (75,600 L) in water volume.

Salt Water Magic is recommended as a monthly saltwater pool treatment to offer the following stated benefits:

  • Keep the water free of algae
  • Remove phosphates and organic contaminants
  • Optimize generator performance
  • Extend the lifespan of your salt cell

Salt Water Magic is poured directly in the pool skimmer with the pool running. You use one full bottle for every 20,000 gal of water and simply shake the bottle before adding.

You don’t want to backwash or otherwise clean your filter for 48 hours after adding Salt Water Magic so that is has time to work. The product is marketed as a monthly maintenance plan so for an average pool, you may only require 1 bottle per month.

Salt Water Magic Benefits

Salt Water Magic BenefitDescriptionCommentary
Keep the water free of algaeAlgae is a common problem in swimming pools and occurs when the sanitizer (chlorine) level drops below the necessary 1 ppm – 3 ppm range.Keep water chemistry in check. Keep chlorine between 1 ppm and 3 ppm at all times. Shock the pool if needed whether through the Super Chlorinate feature or with a chemical product.
Remove phosphates and organic contaminantsPhosphates can enter your pool from many sources such as rainfall or wind blowing it into the water. Fertilizers are also common culprits. Swimmers can also bring phosphates into the water from personal products such as lotions or sunscreens that contain them. You can limit some phosphates from entering the water by requiring all swimmers to shower before entering the pool. You can also limit phosphates entering the pool from fertilizers but of course you can’t necessarily prevent your neighbors from using it.
Optimize generator performanceBy reducing organic contaminants in your pool water, you make it easier for your chlorinator to function. A chlorinator is good at maintaining chlorine levels with small doses during each day but it can be difficult to keep up when too many organic contaminants pollute the water.As above, removing contaminants before they enter the pool (when possible) helps. Also, keep your pool filter clean. If you have a sand filter or D.E. filter, backwash as needed. For cartridge filters, rinse the cartridges out during the pool season to keep them clean and remove contaminants that the filter has trapped.
Extend the lifespan of your salt cellYour salt cell can get scale on the metal plates over time. That’s why good quality chlorinators have a self-cleaning option to remove scale. But if you don’t have this feature, a product like Salt Water Magic can help.Salt Water Magic on its own may help to keep your salt cell clean on its own. However the manufacturer offers a second product called Cell Protect that helps to protect against scale developing on the salt cell and other pool equipment, if scale is a problem for you.

Salt Water Magic Format

You can purchase the Salt Water Magic liquid in a bottle on its own but there is an additional product called Cell Protect which is also in liquid that forms a monthly maintenance program that can be used together.

Salt Water Magic offers the above-mentioned benefits to protect against algae and phosphates while also offering benefit to the chlorinator and salt cell.

Cell Protect offers additional protection of preventing scale on the salt cell and on other pool equipment. If you keep water chemistry in line and if your chlorinator has a reverse polarity feature to self-clean your salt cell, you might not need this product.

The Salt Water Magic product can be a good maintenance option for your salt water pool especially if phosphates and algae is a recurring problem for you.

Final thoughts

Salt Water Magic is an example of a product formulated specifically for saltwater pool owners that can help to maintain water clarity and assist with chlorinator performance. If you can prevent an algae bloom and stop phosphates in their tracks, it means you’ll be spending less time working on your pool and more time enjoying it.

Both problems can be time-consuming and costly to get rid of and if a bottle of this chemical added each month helps you ward them off, it might be worth considering.

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